With NEXXT365 you can


Define time dependent parameter changes, multi stage datasets to implement automation for complex processes. Operate your production lines with better repeatability, faster and with higher yield.

Organise the production

Within NEXXT365 you can easily create work plans, check lists and link your tooling to process steps. The MES functionalities allow you to control your production line order specific enabling an effortless operation.

Work paperless

Digitise the production flow with the MES functions of NEXXT365. Connect your ERP system through our MES interface with the extrusion lines to plan and control order progress fast and efficient.

Keep an overview

The standardised OPC-UA interface allows for the complete acquisition of machine parameters while our web interface can present and export data for further analysis. NEXXT365 gives you an overview of your production performance.

Analyse your processes

Define key performance indicators and let NEXXT365 calculate them based on machine parameters and MES data. Use the gained performance and quality data to improve your production day-by-day.

Actively monitor your processes

Define product specific critical sensor values and rely on the continuous monitoring of NEXXT365. Get instant information about detected issues or even make autonomous corrections based on predefined rules.

Store data securely

Data is stored on your hardware, if you want to forgo cloud based solutions. Your important database is secured according to industry standards against hardware failure. You can access NEXXT365 after personal authentication through an encrypted channel.

Stay independent

We work actively in the EUROMAP committee for the standardisation of the OPC-UA interface. This standard makes the connection of compatible machines to central control systems fast and effortless. Each extruder and downstream equipment with OPC-UA can be connected to our NEXXT365 system.

Be one step ahead

With NEXXT365 you get a modern tool to digitise your production and expert knowledge. We offer you our support fast and competent to manage the accompanying challenges during the introduction and operation. Your process knowledge stays protected. You can rely on NEXXT365.


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