NEXXT365 Features

Work paperless and keep everything in view: Digitize production processes with NEXXT365’s MES functions; connect your ERP system via our standardized interface and get a full picture of your production.


Create parameter sequences or multi-step recipes to run complex operations automatically. Using NEXXT365, you’ll run your lines more repeatably, faster and with less waste.


Define work plans, checklists, assign tools to work steps for your products – all in NEXXT365. The MES functions enable order-specific line control for smooth production.


Define product-specific sensory limits and rely on NEXXT365 monitoring. Not only are you notified when limits are exceeded, you can also define automatic corrective actions.


Create parameters and have them automatically calculated by NEXXT365 based on the recorded machine parameters. Production parameters, quality characteristics and more complex monitoring criteria help improve production every day.

NEXXT365 – MES & line management

The NEXXT step in your production.

Discover NEXXT365.

Our proposed solution for an efficient and economical production: NEXXT365. We combine your ERP system with our production control system. With NEXXT365, you process your orders paperless, traceably, quickly, and conveniently. You can keep your resources in view. The machine is linked to the orders and is therefore perfectly traceable.

NEXXT365– MES & line management

What is NEXXT365?

In NEXXT365 you can define your products including all production parameters and load the appropriate process recipes in the production at the push of a button. We developed a software solution which can not only builds bridges between existing systems, but is itself capable of digitizing and automating your production. With NEXXT365, you start and stop your lines automatically using OPC-UA interfaces. You immediately detect deviations in production and can intervene automatically.

NEXXT365 – MES & line management

MES and line management for extrusion

With NEXXT 365, you can create your orders, bills of materials, routings, etc. via a web-based application, check outstanding work steps and order progress at any time, and report back completed activities. This makes NEXXT365 your tool for order management and resource management in production. If you already solve these tasks with another system, NEXXT365 is able to mirror the relevant data for you for the purpose of complete line monitoring and line control without affecting your existing system.

NEXXT365 – MES & line management

Independent and professional

With NEXXT365 you will get a modern tool to digitize your process knowledge for your production efficiently and conveniently. We support you with your challenges quickly and competently. In NEXXT365, the modules for fast error detection and reaction as well as for automated processes are already stored. You can set product-specific and machine-specific limit values and define intervention measures for detected errors. Your process knowledge365 stays with you.

NEXXT365 – MES & line management

Networked and secure

The web-based application gives you fill freedom to access the software functions and protects your sensitive data from unauthorized persons by applying recognized security standards. The NEXXT365 user interface can also be accessed by WEBER VPS Extrusion controllers (starting from version 3.1). This allows you to control all machines directly on the line according to defined sets of rules or multi-stage recipes.

NEXXT365 Support

We accompany you constantly, also during the implementation and adaptation of our system to your individual requirements and circumstances. With our comprehensive expertise, we help you shape your digital world.

About us

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