| What is NEXXT365?

Our proposed solution for efficient and economical production: NEXXT365.

We connect your ERP system with our production control system.

With NEXXT365 you can process your orders paperlessly, comprehensibly, quickly and conveniently. You simply keep an eye on your resources. The machine data are linked to the orders and are therefore perfectly traceable.

In NEXXT365 you can define your products including all manufacturing parameters and load the appropriate process recipes in production at the push of a button. We have developed a software solution that not only creates new connections between existing systems, but is itself able to digitize and automate your production. With NEXXT365 you can automatically switch your extrusion lines on and off using OPC-UA interfaces. It immediately detects deviations in the production process and corrects them automatically.

With NEXXT365 you are ready for the future.

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| MES and central line control for extrusion

With NEXXT365 you get an MES system (Manufacturing Execution System), that allows you to create your orders, parts lists, work plans, etc. through a web-based application, check pending work steps and order progress at any time and report complete activities. This makes NEXXT365 your tool for order and resource management in production. If you already solve these tasks with another system, NEXXT365 is able to mirror the relevant data for the purpose of complete line monitoring and control without influencing your existing system.

The article and resource master data comes from your ERP system or is entered directly into the NEXXT365. We perfectly adapt the NEXXT365-ERP interface for a seamless, digital process chain.

NEXXT365 is able to collect, display and archive all machine data that have an OPC-UA interface. Due to the direct link to the MES functions, you receive order-specific segmentation of the machine data and convenient traceability of all production parameters.

  • Our experts configure MES and ERP interfaces to match directly your systems and requirements
  • We’ll give you a continuous support throughout the complete implementation of the system.

| Independent and professional

Do you have special skills in the field of extrusion? Use our technology to reach your full potential!

With NEXXT365 you get a modern tool to efficiently process knowledge for your production and convenient to digitize. We support you quickly and competently with your challenges. The building blocks for fast error detection and reaction as well as for automated processes are already integrated in NEXXT365. You can set product- and machine-specific limit values and define intervention measures when errors are detected. Your process knowledge remains with you.

We are actively involved in committees for the standardization of OPC-UA interface for the plastics industry – EUROMAP.
This standard enables a quick and uncomplicated connection of compatible machines. Every extruder and every successor machine with OPC-UA interface can be connected to NEXXT365. You remain independent and flexible.

You can rely on NEXXT365.

  • You will receive extensive, practical training on our software product, so that you yourself will be able to expand and adapt the higher-level control functions.
  • Our process engineers support you in identifying relevant parameters and defining adaptation processes. Our service is available for you!

| Connected and secure

The web-based application offers you complete freedom in accessing the software functions, protects your sensitive data from unauthorized persons by applying recognized security standards.
The NEXXT365 user interface can also be called up by Weber WPS extruder controls (from version 3.1). To be able to control all machine according to established regulations or multistage recipes directly on the line.

The NEXXT365 system is installed on a local server. You only need a stable local company network. It is therefore possible for us to guarantee you maximum data security. With a temporary gateway, you can give us secure access for remote maintenance and problem solving. If you do not want to store the large amounts of data yourself or want to carry out a data analysis or anonymous comparison due to preventive service measures, we can set up a secure cloud-based system twin for you with the data flows you have selected.

  • We help you to set up a role and multi-tenant user management in the NEXXT365. Each employee sees the relevant data and gets the appropriate permissions.
  • With new production machines, our service can take over the connection to NEXXT365 for you. Feel free to contact us!