Extrusion 4.0 – Extrusion meets Industry 4.0

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Extrusion procedures have long been known for their great advantages they offer for producers: complex forms can be manufactured at comparatively small expense. Yet even producers who have been doing so successfully in the market for a long time, are currently facing unprecedented challenges. 

The general transformation toward the so-called “Industry 4.0“ demands far-reaching adaptations from business in all fields of production. Companies who fail to face that challenge head on are under threat to lose large parts of their market share to more innovative competitors. Such trends are further accelerated by customers who expect products of nearly perfect quality. 

An increasing number of producers who rely on extrusion processes regard a modern production control system, a so-called “manufacturing execution system“ (MES), as the best way to enhance the quality of their products and simultaneously reduce scrap

But what advantages does an extrusion-specific MES really offer? We want to demonstrate to you how such an advanced production control system can have a measurable and lasting impact on businesses that are ready to initiate their transformation toward the “extrusion process 4.0”.

Anywhere, anytime: An MES let‘s you monitor and control production in real-time.

Manufacturing Execution System – Cornerstone of the Industry 4.0

No matter what field of production, a “manufacturing execution system” (MES) is the most crucial element for the industrial production of the future. This is particularly true in the field of extrusion, where a production control system has the capacity to truly lead, control, and operate the production process – fully automated, digitized, and in real-time!

Continuous Monitoring of the Extrusion Process

There‘s probably no other field where monitoring one‘s production is as crucial as in modern plastics processing. Even the smallest interferences or instabilities can have a hugely negative impact on the quality of the end product. 

A state-of-the-art MES is the best way to avoid such costly mistakes. Through the continuous transmission of key figures and indicators during the extrusion process, gradual mistakes can be recognized and detected – automatically and instantly. This allows producers to quickly counteract to consistently and reliably fulfill their customers expectations of high product quality.

Better Quality, Less Waste

Everyone in the business of plastics processing has one clear goal: achieving the best product quality possible at the least possible expense. Yet, this requires that test data are quickly recorded without any unnecessary extra steps. 

This is a central aspect of  what an MES can do. With one click, quality managers can have an instant look at an extensive data analysis that indicates possibly systematic interference factors. Thus, a state-of-the-art production control system is not only ideal to manage the quality of a current line of products. It also provides invaluable data that allow producers to draw crucial conclusions about precise measures to improve and optimize future productions.

Internationally Competitive Prices

People in the business of plastics processing are well aware of the growing pressures their industry is facing. Customers expect high-quality products in ever shorter delivery periods. As if this wasn‘t enough of a challenge, smaller lot sizes have increasingly become the norm. And it turns out – as if this wasn‘t enough – there‘s an even bigger challenge: achieving competitive prices in a sector defined by intense global competition. And all of this is happening in an environment of increasing material costs, raw material costs, and energy costs. 

To offer an effective and highly practicable solution to all businesses affected by these increasing pressures, WEBER has developed NEXXT365 – a software solution with one clear goal: Allowing plastic processing companies relying on extrusion processes to optimize and standardize their production.

​​NEXXT365 – Manufacturing Execution System by WEBER

NEXXT365 allows you to define all production paramaters let‘s you load all production recipes with one simple click.

As a tried and trusted machine manufacturer, we at WEBER have seen the problems our customers in the plastics processing industry have faced for years. To provide a fitting solution, we have developed an effective state-of-the-art industrial solution: NEXXT365

NEXXT365 allows producers relying on extrusion processes to manage and control productions centrally and more efficiently

You want to learn more? Please have a look at the features our MES software can offer for your business and request a free demo version now. 

For further questions about the issue of manufacturing execution systems for extrusion processes, please feel free to contact us at any time!